○ Dreamed

" a dream, a desire that we cant make it the real life... "

* it's already long long time I dint have a wonderful dream, just happen in this morning.
I dreamed, me and him get together, I thought it was real, and I cant believe it.
I feel much happiness with him...
and I awaked, everything gone, but I am still in the same mood that I had.
appreciate a lots to the dream. thanks~

○ Polka D●ts

" Po-Polka Do-Dots "

* I changed my blog's layout, love those colors,
exspecially the polka dots, my favourite~~

Changing myself too, my attitude, my character, my prespective, my notion...
change, change, change, I need to be more growning up, I am an adult now.
cant be maddening easily, cant be foolish, and do not hurting myself anymore.
I must more on mine. Polka dots more. =w= nonsense~ha~

For now, I need to more working hard on my make-up study, focus more on it.
And English, hope to improve it more and more, English
Lucky I have an dictionary in my hand-phone, so I can always use it when I need it.
Really learn a lot in it. thanks phone-phone~

Recently, very upset and moody in my study place.
But, this all will end up by now, I told myself, let it be, and learn to "ignore" all evil person+things, and be concentrate on my study. I can make it.

As I recommed a him yesterday, I would like to share some he sang.
Start to fall in love in his rythm, voice, feel so peace on top to toe.
the rythm look alike a wind, goes into my body, touching every single parts...
feel so comfort...appreciate~

Jerome - Fake Plastic by chrysostom

he say," I wanted it to be vindictive and personal, and to a certain extent, pitiful - because it had to be self aware. It was true to the emotional state I was going through at the time. I'd really had it prospecting for romance when all there really is is fake plastic. LOL. That's what happens when people lie to you; you start wondering if anything is real. "

" is a fake fake fake, illusion everywhere... "

○ Recommend a Him

* Admire of his voice and song a lot, it's Awesome~
" Sing It Back " one of the impressive song for me.
Love the rythm, Love his voice, Love... everything...

Jerome - Sing It Back (Moloko cover) by chrysostom


Jerome - And It's You by chrysostom

Jerome - Medusa by chrysostom

Jerome - Silver For A Thief by chrysostom

○ 你不會。。。


* 3個月沒寫blog了。

* 沒去新加坡學化妝,反而在本地開始學起化妝了。

* 今天,一切感覺很不順利,很累,很亂,

剛剛在Chris那裡post的SHE 【你不會】,聽得我真的很想哭,但我累得哭不出。。。